Bruna wins in Morocco

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Flexifoil thrilled to congratulate Team Rider Bruna Kajiya on her win at the PKRA in Dakhla, Morocco. We hear her thoughts on the event… As I arrived to Dahkla in the middle of the night I wondered where the 4X4 was taking us since all I saw was darkness and the bit of desert the head lights would reach. I was unsettled until I got out of the car and was stroked by the beauty of the sky, there were so many stars its hard to describe, then all my worries about being away from civilization suddenly... (more...)

HADLOW East Coast Tour

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For the last few days I have been on tour around the East side of the UK. We started off at S2AS in Hove and soon headed over to Lancing, on the way had the chance to session at the new 2.0 at Hove Lagoon, the wind was NE, off shore, so it was good to get a bit of riding in before heading down the beach. Next we checked out the other S2AS store in Hythe before heading down to Greatstone for a great session, the wind was coming on shore and the water was flat between the waves, when I was younger... (more...)

Flexifoil Team Trip 2011

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Spring in the UK and time for the whole of the Flexifoil Team to meet up, get their heads together and have a ridiculously fun time. Flexifoil team members, staff and other important dignitaries descended on the beaches of Quiberon, France, from all over the world. Even though the wind was in short supply, the fun didn’t stop for the legendary trip. The true spirit of Flexifoil was incapsulated in these few days of festivities with the incredible variety and skills of our wonderful Team. Many... (more...)

Billy Parker meets the Blade

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Sometimes brands can be accused of overexaggerating. Of making claims that can’t be backed up. For some time now we’ve said that the Flexifoil Blade is a legend of a kite, and not for the faint hearted. On the team trip this April, Flexifoil kitesurf legend Billy Parker thought he’d test that claim. The following video reveals what happened… Video Courtesy of Dave Ursell & Push Kiting kitesurfing school  Read More →

Watch Aaron’s first ever video

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I have now been kiting for about 11 years, I started back when I was 11. My first DVD I stared in was shot when I was coming up through the ranks on the PKRA before I had any championships, it was shot in Cape Town just as I was coming away from board offs and as the new handle pass revolutions was arriving. Check out this little trailer and go to Progression’s Facebook page, once they have hit 2000 hits you will be able to check it out for free on YouTube. -Aaron Hadlow  Read More →

The Stupid Dave 8.5

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Over recent months we’ve been inundated with fans of freestyle buggier Dave Roberts requests for a special edition Stupid Dave Blade V 8.5. Well, who are we to ignore the cheering masses? Today, Flexifoil is proud to announce the Stupid Dave 8.5. Designed to give the rider the perfect platform for sick freestyle tricks and massive buggy airs, the Stupid Dave 8.5 brings a fresh approach to traction kites. Fellow buggiers Craig Sparkes and Will McKean are said to be in awe of Dave’s new... (more...)

Riders are in Las Vegas for NABX

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Over the next few weeks 3 of our team riders are out in Las Vegas for the NABX (North American Buggy eXpo) event that is taking place on the dry lakes there. The riders have gone out before the event to get in some riding before hand and to check out the Pre-Event. They have already managed a session within 24 hours of landing! Over the couple of weeks they are there they will keeping a blog updated with all their sessions, goings on and more so be sure to check it out at  Read More →

The Kite Project

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Flexifoil hears from Robin Snuggs on The Kite Project Over the last year I have spent some time traveling. Over the 2009/2010 winter season I visited Philippines where I won the Boracay leg of the KTA. I later traveled to Turkey with Adrenaline Sports, and spent the season working on my kiting and promoting kiting in Turkey. I’ve now returned home to catch up with my family and finally 2 years later have my ACL reconstruction surgery which is scheduled for April. While i’m at home taking... (more...)

New HADLOW movie

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Aarons latest movie, shot and cut by the ever talented William Milne of Boom Ting Productions showcases the 2011 HADLOW kite and Freestyle board. Enjoy!  Read More →

Snowkite Masters 2011

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This year at the annual Snowkite Masters gathering in Col du Lautaret, Serre Chevalier, the Norwegian Flexifoil crew braved the European traveling conditions for fun and games in the Col. We hear from Team Rider Andreas Toverud on the week’s events… SKM Day 1-3 Starting out this Friday is the World Championship Snowkite Masters, so some friends of mine from the Norwegian Flexifoil team and I went down to France to check it out. The only flights down in time for the competition went on... (more...)