On Saturday 30th June, Sir Richard Branson’s son, Sam, achieved the world record as the fastest person to cross the English Channel from Wimereux in northern France to Hythe in a record 2hrs 18mins. 12 minutes quicker than the previous record held by Flexifoil since 1999. The team also achieved the largest group to cross with a record nine people. Sir Richard left Wimereux on his first attempt but the wind dropped slightly and his kite just couldn’t generate enough power to keep him going. But in true ‘Richard Branson style’ he was back the next day to ‘finish the job’.

Sir Richard entered the record books on Sunday 1st July as the oldest person to kitesurf the English Channel having set off from Dymchurch, Kent, to Wimereux. The crossing took 3rs 45mins in heavy seas. Winds were gusting 40mph and coupled with a 20ft swell mid-channel, it was a truly amazing effort.

Flexifoil’s owner Anthony Van Dort was on the lead boat with Captain Trevor Oldfield Hodge. Anthony said, “At some points, there were walls of water 20ft high in between Richard and me. The sea was very unforgiving. But despite the howling winds which were way more than forecasted, pushing enormous waves into his path, Richard attached to his 9m Proton kite kept 100% focussed and saw it through brilliantly.”

Sir Richard said to Anthony on Sunday night once everyone was reunited with family and friends at the Mercure Hotel in Hythe, “when you waved at me every so often as I went off course, I loathed it (laughing) yet you gave me the encouragement at every junction to keep going and we did it! A big thank you to Flexifoil and their team for making it happen.”

After a year of studying and competing I wanted to go somewhere where I could train for the next season, Brazil is definitely the best place for that. I started filming after the second day I was there, the problem is that the Cumbuco lagoon is seen too many times in videos and I wanted to do something different, so I found some angles, different kind of music and editing style for it to be unique. For Fast Backwards I only had one camera, my 550D and a friend to film, we would do 1 hour of training and then some filming so I could be warm and show some of my latest tricks. Lots of early mornings and repeating tricks have been involved! Enjoy!

The winter season arrived late this year! I currently live in Bodø in Norway; North of the Polar Circle, and outside my window it’s still +5 degrees and raining. Needless to say there hasn’t been much snowkiting going on this year. On top of that, I managed to sprain my ankle just a few weeks before Christmas so things weren’t looking too bright for the competition.

Regardless, my brother Sigurd, my girlfriend Marte and I jumped on a plane to France to compete. When we got there on the Saturday night, the stars were shining from a clear sky and everything was looking perfect for the day ahead. The competition didn’t start until Monday, so we used the Sunday to get some much needed practice to get the tricks from last year to stick. My brother and I also took turns taking pictures and kiting, and we got some pretty cool shots!

The next day started with single elimination and I managed to get to the quarter finals. Even though the wind was a bit low it was possible to do some cool tricks from the kicker building up speed down the hill. My brother Sigurd did an awesome first heat but got unlucky on a huge s-bend from the kicker with the kite glued to the ground and broke his ankle. Even so, he finished his heat and won but wasn’t able to do his next heat.

My quarter finals was against Marek Zack; the guy who beat me last year. I was on my new Hadlow ID 12m and Marek was on his 15m Ozone, and that gave me a disadvantage as the wind was very low. Just after the heat started Marek got unlucky and lost his kite on a flat 3 on the kicker. Immediately I was sure I had won since this was reason for disqualification. But the race master chose to restart since the heat had just started, and this time I weren’t so lucky. After seven minutes of struggling for power to do tricks, Marek drew the longest straw and advanced to the next round. I was very disappointed but luckily there was the double elimination the day after which gave me a fighting chance even though I could end up ninth if I lost my first heat. After the single elimination Remi was first, Chasta was second and Marek was third.

But the day after things didn’t go as planned. Already in the second heat I lost my kite, but due to the incident with Marek the day before the guy I was riding against, Guyot, agreed to rerun the heat. This time I won and we continued the doubles the day after. Now things were finally starting to go my way! I managed to ride my way all the way to the top winning seven heats in a row and beating both Marek and Chasta.

In the finals I had to win two heats against Remi Meum to take the first position, but now I was starting to get tired from all the heats. The wind picked up and things were looking perfect for the heat! We both managed to land a lot of cool tricks (backmobes, frontmobes, KGBs, flat 3s, 5s++) and were neck and neck in the first heat. But just as the heat was about to end I went for a huge kiteloop s-mobe and landed way to hard.

Once away I felt something break and couldn’t put any weight on my left foot, which meant it was over for this year. Regardless, I was super happy how things went considering how it started out and it felt great to finally be on the podium.

Maybe next year ;)


Aaron Hadlow and Sam Light journey to Turkey to put on an awesome show on kite and cable. Featuring the Hadlow ID and Hadlow Pro from Aaron’s current range, if you’ve got an eye on this style, you know where to come for your next kite!

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We continue with the interviews from Last years CWC. Priidu gets to Interview the better freestyle kitesurfers on the planet.

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