51036__96175.1383647573.1280.1280Chosen by Aaron for his MK II Wakestyle board. The Hadlow Wakestyle fin is precision built for Wakestyle riding, generating strong pop, solid control and precise carving through the water in flat or chop. These fins give you the characteristics you need from a board optimised for Aaron’s ultra-powered style of riding.

This set of fins is complete with bolts and washers.

Hind: €65 Soodushind: €43



These comfortable pads & straps are designed to complete your Hadlow Freestyle board.

The pads have a toe ridge so you stay locked in at any time. The pads are easy to adjust with the large velcro strap.

Hind: €105 Soodushind: €69



Hind: €65 Soodushind: €4351031_1__79324.1383650649.1280.1280

Hind: €9 Soodushind: €651000__01549.1383646081.1280.1280

Hind €54

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